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I’m gonna fight ‘em off.


MERLIN Graphic Battle: albionswarlock vs. oddbug
↳ Round 2: Battle of Strength

It brings these points, refines the rest.
Because these days are numbered, this life resolute.
I need this faith to keep me walking, to keep me alive.

you asked me what i wanted once before, and i told you. and then you told me i couldn’t have it… but now i can.

                               - p e a s o n  s p e c t e r  l i t t -

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Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it, Stiles?

A shadow.

I’ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away. It diminishes people. So I’ve always said yes to the thing I’m most scared about. The fear of letting myself down — of saying no to something that I was afraid of and then sitting in my room later going, ‘I wish I’d had the guts to say this or that’ — that galvanizes me more than anything.

Harvey and Mike in restaurant in "This is Rome" [4/4]


this is so unbelievably beautiful

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"This wasn’t the plan."


step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad